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Sydney Wildlife

Taronga Zoo

When you think of Australia, first thing that comes to mind are probably all the poisonous spiders and snakes, or the fluffy koalas and kangaroos or wombats. Taronga Zoo has a really good variety of animals to see  in a great environment. Make sure to take the ferry across from Circular Quay to get the view off all the Sydney icons such as Opera House and Bridge from the water. If you want to see Kangaroos and Wombats in the wild, check out our tour page Kangaroo and Wombats.

kangaroos Sydney

Jenolan Caves

Sydney is not all sun, water and beach. Besides the beautiful natural phenomena above ground in New South Wales, you can find the most amazing caves tucked away under the Blue Mountains. Out of 3oo caves, 9 are open to the public. There is also a really nice walking track running along the Jenolan Caves for those who don't like the dark so much... Also, keep you eyes peeled at the Blue Lake for the elusive platypus, one of only 2 egg-laying mammals in the world.  There is accommodation available for those who want to make it a multi-day getaway.


Featherdale Sydney 

Really keen on finding, seeing or even getting picture with a koala?The Featherdale Wildlife Park will be the best guarantee for you to realize this dream. Ask them about "Personal Koala Encounter". Also good to know is they have a great variety of native wildlife such as crocodiles, reptiles, birds and non-native animals from Africa.

Koala Sydney

Secret Garden

North Sydney might not be on your list of things to do in Sydney, especially when you see all the business tower up across the Bridge. However, if you happen to go for a stroll past Luna Park alongside the foreshore boardwalk, you will find yourself immersed in the beautiful Secret Garden of Wendy Whiteley. The garden is open to the public and completely free. Also a haven for bird lovers.

secret garden sydney

WILD LIFE Zoo in Sydney

If you don't have much time or have an afternoon spare before you leave town, visit the smaller zoo that is in the heart of Sydney at Darling Harbour. Find different species of kangaroos here, as well as a Tasmanian Devil! One of their special encounters is "Breakfast with Koalas" so if you are an early bird... find out all about it here! If you are interested in the ocean life, they also have a big aquarium next door at Sea Life


Port Stephens

Nelson Bay is a mesmerizing place where you can find peace, quiet and beauty. Tomaree National park will blow your mind if you push through to get to the top of the hill. The main town is Port Stephens where you can also jump on a dolphin or whale cruise. On the other side of the peninsula you will find Anna Bay with massive sand dunes where you can do 4WD on the beach or pick a camel for a beach ride. Port Stephens is located north of Sydney and takes about 2.5h by car.

Image by Isabel Retamales
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